My Story

From an early age I marveled at the grandeur and elegance of wedding cakes. As an adult that creative itch had become shackled by a career in software sales. In 2012, I rediscovered this youthful inspiration, quit my sales job and pursued my passion to be a Pastry Cook! I started my first business, Bauble Cakes. Self-taught, I received an opportunity to train under an Executive Pastry Chef at a Michelin Star restaurant. The experience and skills I gained were invaluable.

In 2015, I took a break from the restaurant business to start a family. After my daughter was born, I became passionate about a vegan lifestyle. I was determined to make cakes that weren’t just good for being vegan”, but were undetectable as the real deal. When I baked a vegan funfetti cake for my brother’s birthday and he commented, “this is the best cake I’ve ever had”I knew I created something special. I was encouraged to share my cakes with the rest of the world and Happy Vegan Cakes was born!

When I work in the kitchen I feel alive, motivated and present. My curiosity and creativity find an outlet through baking that creates happiness within and brings joy to others.

hvc owner