Carry the Future


Happy Vegan Cakes is proud to support Carry the Future, a wonderful organization that stands in solidarity with refugee families worldwide. A portion of Happy Vegan Cakes’ profits will be donated to this cause that hand-delivers baby and toddler carriers and other forms of humanitarian aid into the hands of a refugee mother, father or child to provide comfort, security and relief for their continued journey.

Pregnant mothers and newborn babies in refugee camps are in dire need of safety and comfort. With Baby Beds for Refugees you will help CTF deliver baby beds which provide a secure place for newborns to sleep and include essential items for mother and newborns such as: mosquito net, diapers, swaddle blanket, hygiene items and a baby carrier. The baby beds also include a plastic bin and legs to protect and elevate the baby bed from hazards at camps such as snakes and flooding.

How you can get involved

Give the gift of hope